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OLDHAND COFFEE - Sunday Morning on Commercial Drive

Sunday Morning on Commercial Drive
Bright & Complex, Pomegranate, Red Currant, Sugarcane
300 gram sealed bag of roasted beans 

This coffee transported us to our old apartment on East 2nd/Commercial, enjoying our Sunday mornings off together with big breakfast spreads and, typically, Kenyan coffees. This coffee hits all the points we love about these coffees, big flavours of red berries, grapefruit, tomato, and a long finish.

This Fully washed lot is cultivated by smallholders in Kirinyaga and processed at Kiunyu factory in Kiandumu. Farmers cultivate small farms of approximately 250 to 350 trees at altitudes of 1,650+ meters above sea level. The high altitudes provide the warm days and cool nights that help nurture sweet, dense cherry. Kiunyu Factory is owned by Karithathi Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS).